Wednesday, 15 December 2010

From A Boy's Perspective - The Sequel.

So yesterday I actually got a boy to talk about feelings. OMG. Today I have another one doing it, too. I don’t know what’s going on either, but it’s good. Read and learn.

What’s the first thing that attracts you to a girl?

Smart and reserved. I’m a quiet person so get deterred by loud 'in your face' girls.

How do you know someone fancies you?

So far I have no idea, I’m normally surprised when I find out. If they talk to me for longer than 2 weeks, I assume they either want to be my friend or they fancy me, that narrows it down.

When do you feel most like yourself?

In the winter, at my parents, hanging out with my dog and closest friends.

What life advice would you give to your 16-year-old self?

Try harder at school. Although I don't think I’d be anywhere different if I did. I only tried at the things I cared about, and school wasn’t one of them.

What’s the main difference between boys and girls?

I don’t think I know a girl well enough to compare to be honest!

What makes you fall for a girl?

Complacency but with ambition. I’m not one for 'career girls', there's more to life than a desk; but I hate the ones who feel they have to spend half their life travelling to 'find themselves'. I like girls who are satisfied with where they are, but are always thinking of where they're going.

Do you believe in ‘moments’?


What things put you off a girl most? What’s a deal-breaker?

'Paid for' girls, not hookers, just girls who have had their destiny determined by other people's money and don’t have anything to show for themselves. That, and girls who immerse themselves in drama; life isn’t complicated so why make it so.

If you could go out with any girl who would it be?

At the moment, no one.

Three-day-text rule. Yes or no?

Maybe. I did it once without even realising it. Sometimes you need time to think about something and don't want to make a drama out of something it shouldn't be. Personally I’m pretty blunt, so I wouldn’t let a 'text rule' represent how I feel, I’d just give it to them straight.

What makes the perfect date?

I pay for everything, which doesn’t exactly make it perfect, but I’m so bad at everything else that's probably the only good thing a girl would take away from it - money saving, ASDA *slaps back pocket*

Beauty or Brains?

Both! I don’t think it works otherwise unless you're happy with being bored with your partner.

Style or Substance?

Substance. I’ve fancied loads of girls who aren't that stylish. You can be pretty and interesting but have no 'style'. I’m not fussed.

Blonde or Brunette?

Brunette. Every blonde scenario I’ve ever been involved with has fucked up. I like red hair though, like Rihanna red...

Wife or Vixen?

Wife, I’m boring.

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  1. This guy is very sweet and I would definitely go on a date with him. I'm sure he wouldn't be "bad at everything" though.