Monday, 22 August 2011

Boys are stupid.

Right, blog lovers – the time has come for another moany angry post about boys. Boys are stupid. There I said it. Why are boys stupid? Because they never do the right thing, say the right thing or act the right way. And it really isn’t that hard to do the right thing. Be a gentleman, don’t only think with your dick, wash every now and then, get off the fucking X-box and don’t be callous. SIMPLES. I am not expecting flowers and a call every minute of the day, I am just expecting some sort of decency and appreciation that I chose to spend my time with you. Easy.
Anyway, I was now gonna go into a massively long list of what boys should and shouldn’t do, but seeing that boys are stupid, that makes no sense. So instead this one is for the ladies. It’s a little help to filter the good from the bad, the decent from the fuck-ups cause before you get emotionally attached, you wanna make sure they are at least 75% worth it. It’s a first date checklist. And this time it's not about whether he likes chicken or not.
If you’re getting something important off your chest and he’s yawning (and not even covering his mouth whilst doing so) get up and go. Not worth it. And no manners.
When he buys you a cupcake on the first date and wipes off the cream on top of your lip, which you didn’t notice, he’s a keeper. If you have to buy yourself a cupcake, he ain’t.

If he’s not a good friend in the first place – you don’t want to go out with him. Passion goes, friendship stays.
If he knows you like him and then goes on to kiss your friend, you need to get rid of him. Once shady, always shady and sadly not in a sexy Eminem way.
And finally, guys, don’t bullshit girls. We might come across all naïve and understanding, but to see through some facetious bullshit, really isn’t that hard.  


  1. I bought you ice cream :) and wasn't asked to buy it for you, that should count :)