Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Social Media Chat Up Lines.

Yozers blog-lovers, since I work in Social Media, I thought it'll be great to come up with a blog post dedicated solely to this topic. But what could be more boring than talking about the non-linearity of rich media publishing? Exactly NOTHING!

So instead I thought I 'spice up' this dry topic a little bit et voila here I present you with the ten best (according to me) Social Media chat-up lines. BOOM! 

1. Can you ‘like’ me?

2. I like your blog font.

3. Why don’t you write about me on your blog? I’m topical.

4. I like your status updates. You seem like a nice guy.

5. I lost my Facebook account password, but I found you. (Sorry low…)

6. I’d love if you could poke me. (Fucking hell)

7. Man, your privacy setting is too high…

8. I’m following you(r blog).

9. Let’s link up! (In our status updates.)

10. Can you come to MySpace?


  1. If you retweet me, I'll be down and dirty in your Trending Topics for the next month.