Friday, 20 August 2010

This is it.

Hiya guys, it’s time for another of these shitty girly emotional posts today. I’m sorry but I cannot help it. It just has to be out there. Compulsive. Random.

You know the feeling when you have lost all hope that there are nice guys out there. Guys who actually have beauty and brains (and good bums). I experienced a phase recently when I thought all hope was futile and just started going on dates with guys that I didn’t even fancy, neither emotionally nor physically. Obviously that didn’t help to alleviate my emotional distress. My dictum was to lower my expectations and just embrace mediocrity. Stupid. Because>>>>

However, then I realised that if you don’t fancy the person you’re going on a date with, you might as well not bother. Spark and attraction are vital parts to finding romance and even though we all experience depression and self-doubt sometimes, this is a call to all the girls - fuck yes, there is hope. Patience is a virtue and one day someone will come along.

Many of my girlfriends (and myself) have been sinking into some sort of mid-25-life crisis about the endless difficulty that are relationships and feelings and longing and disappointment, so I thought it would be a good idea to re-focus and think about the good things that come with fancying someone. You know like when you pick up on all the small things and they become big?

So here are a few things that make me go all mushy in the brain about boys.

I love it when they have a gap tooth smile.

I love when they are innocent and not jaded, to counteract any jadedness of mine.

I love when they don’t take themselves too seriously.

I love it when they know how to look at you without being sleazy.

I love it when they don’t think their hair is more important than their heart.

I love when they can pull of really basic outfits and still look damn hot.

I love when you have ‘moments’ with them.

I love when they strike the right balance between being a clown and not being a clown.

I love it when they strike the right balance between taking control and giving up control.

I love when they have nice arms. And not from playing the guitar.

I love it when they say nice stuff and actually mean it.

I love it when they’re not scared to be affectionate, in case it ‘emasculates’ them.

I love it when they’re in equal parts feminists and Formula 1 fans.

I love it when they are not scared of the ‘love’ word. I love many things and sometimes it feels good to just say it. Just look above. Whatevs.

Love you all. Linda xxx

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  1. Beauty, brains, good bum - two words: Keyon Bayandor (and Australians!).