Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Give me your hand. Here take my heart.

The other day I had an interesting conversation with a friend that started something like this:

Me: “No one has ever asked me out....“

Her:  “Yeah because you don’t stop to give them the time to do it....there were at least three guys looking at you“

That got me thinking. Is it me or is it other people? Is it a combination of the two? Is everything a big misunderstanding because everyone is confused and no-one wants to get hurt. The answers are probably yes. Life’s complicated. People are complicated. Suck time.

So anyway, since I certainly don’t have any answers (as we all know by now) I asked my wise friend to author a post on what she thinks about love, life, gender roles and why all this is so complex.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we used to say. Now we should probably call it “power bitches and wimps"… it really is a pity that girls have surpassed the aim of emancipation and are now surprised that there are no “real” men because they simply 'out-emancipated' them.

Having become hardened in the work place and in the emotional space, women are longing for strong men whilst also demanding to be the strong one themselves. Checkmate.

Now that they are finally on the way up on the emancipation ladder, they unfortunately don’t have anyone to share this success with. After decades of struggle women are still alone, just in a different way. What’s missing in this perfectly successful little world is a man to give them strength, to bounce ideas off, to laugh with and to love.

Looks like they have to clean up the mess they created. A few ways to make this easier to simply let men be men. How you ask?

Let them open doors for you because it's nice. Let them pay your bill with the crystal-clear awareness that you could perfectly well do it yourself. Let them feel like your hero and protector. And don’t forget that that doesn’t mean a step back but a step forward to understanding that we need each other and that we need to work around the little quirks and with the little misunderstandings.

Most importantly, be patient with men because change is in the air for them too.

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