Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Social Experiment

Social experiment went terribly wrong. Social experiment has to be aborted methinks. Not fun. A few things to remark and share on this wonderful Valentine’s Day. Here an approximate recollection of events as they unfolded. I have slightly edited the conversation to present only highlights and not the full horror.

 Me: Hi I’m Linda.

Him: You’re not from here? (Terrible scrunched up face)

Five minutes of awkward conversation.

Me: So you know I really like so and so band and this rapper dude.

Him: I’m really into Morrocan trance fusion right now!

Me: ?!?

Five minutes of silence.

Him: You don’t like gaps in the conversation do you?

Me: Hmmm no not really.

Him: Yeah, I can tell…

Me: So what have you learned from love? (One of his songs is called ‘Learned from Love’ – thought it’s a valid questions FYI)

Him: Why the fuck would I tell you?

Me: (Looking at nearest exit and contemplating walking out but instead I say “Oh dear I didn’t wanna offend you, I actually would like to know”) The fucker rude-trumped me and I was so baffled that I took on the part of subdued quiet girl. YIKES.

Him: Rolling his eyes.

Me: So do you have a plan B, like something you want to do other than music?

Him: If I had a plan B I would never follow through with plan A, you know you are not really validating my reality here.

Me: (thinking *Shit this is not getting any better, but I felt glued to my chair paralysed by being rude-trumped by this dude with a top knot*)

Five minutes of agitated apologising about nothing on my part, trying to get this conversation back on track.

Him: You know this is funny. Usually I don’t hang out with people like you.

Me: Ohhh okay.

Finally it’s over and I can go home. Awkward hug and deep breather ensues.

Him: He then sends me a text at half past midnight saying: “It was nice to meet you. Good and insightful chat. Don’t worry about yourself:) Sorry if I was a bit moody.”

Me: WTF?

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