Monday, 16 May 2011

Sexy Vampires

Right lovers, the time has come. I know I have talked about this one for quite some time, but trust me it’s worth it. Sexy vampires. There you have it.

Recently some sort of obscure vampires renaissance has happened in film and TV and maaaaaan these blood-sucking undead are HOT.  And I don’t only mean in an unattainable, cold and reclusive kinda way hot, I mean in a cheekbone-alert, wifebeater-wearing, pouty kinda way hot.

So let’s tackle this then. From best to worst.

Disclaimer – I apologise for all the bullshit below, but someone had to do it!

Eric from True Blood

Words cannot really describe. Wow. Just wow. I mean look at him. Apart from all the superficial physical attributes (yes girls think like that too), he’s the most intriguing character in the series because he behaves like such a douche, but everybody can tell he’s just a tortured lonely loving soul. Sounds horrid. Is hot.

Always had a thing for Spike. He’s not good-looking in a conventional way with his weird bleach-blonde do and creepy floor-length leather coat. Along with his major attitude problems, that would make him prime marriage material. Not. But he’s just got it in the eyes. And the abs. Fit!

Stefan from Vampire Diaries

Awww the melancholic vamp. Love a bit of mourning and soul-searching and Stefan does plenty of that. He’s a vampire with personality first and looks second, but still hot.

Edward from Twilight

Yadda, yadda I know you love him. Everybody does. He’s fit. He’s a bit whiney. But he’s still fit. Good enough to get on the list and deffo good enough for eye candy.


  1. You gotta love a bit of R-Patz (no really you have!)

  2. i love all of them.....but Alexander (Eric)is my favourite vampire...i love him