Wednesday, 28 September 2016


The other day I had a revelation. Every now and then this happens, as avid readers will know. 

After another big ugly cry on public transport about a guy, I realised that I am a moron. 

I calculated that I have spent 1/100th of my life being upset about a guy, who most probably isn’t upset about me. 1/100th!!! Now let THAT sink in. And then I thought – this has to stop. Life is too precious. Life is too beautiful. And also I am scared to calculate the OVERALL number of time I have wasted being upset about guys…

So I made a mental list of things to do instead of wasting time on a time-wasting guy.

Y’all get me!

1.        Read a good book.
2.       Call your friends.
3.       Buy / make presents for people that care about you.
4.       Do voluntary work.
5.       Dance as if no one is watching.
6.       Talk to strangers.
7.       Go eat ice-cream.
8.       Do your nails in all colours of the rainbow.
9.       Practise self-love rituals. Whatever turns you on right :)
10.   Work on your issues. Together. Alone. It don’t matter.
11.   Go walk somewhere. Anywhere.
12.   Make a happy playlist.
13.   Meditate.
14.   Work the fuck out.
15.   Sleep.

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