Thursday, 7 November 2013

A spark is a spark is a spark

I felt inspired to write again. I know this hasn’t happened in a long time. I have only written about music and fashion, which let’s face it, might be better for the Book of Linda anyway. But then it happened – the idea of the spark or lack thereof.

So yes, this is a post about the spark – that little bit of interest that makes you want to know someone more, that slight attraction that you can’t put your finger on and that little promise that goes along with it.

It made me realise that despite how many people you meet, that little special thing that happens between two people is all too rare. I have always thought that I can basically make myself like anybody. I was wrong. I sat there with this really nice and charming guy and the entire time I thought “how can I get out of this politely?” - why? Because straight from the beginning I knew that “it” was missing. That little knee-touching, that little side-smile and most importantly that desire to find out everything that person has to say.

I realised that despite of what you want to make yourself feel, that damned heart of yours has a mind of its own. Literally. What I learned from this?

You know if it’s not right. There is nothing you can do other than try again.

Spark is something that comes as a surprise, so don’t show bias against anyone.

Unfortunately, there can be spark with complete bungholes, consider that too. Head and heart. Always.

Love you always. x

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