Monday, 22 April 2013


The other day I thought about friendship. I have been lucky in this department in my life. Despite some minor disappointments, I have a small but close group of people that I can rely on and that will always reign in Linda-land. 

Then I thought what really makes a great friend. This is what makes one:

They inspire you to become a better person, you wanna be a little bit like them, but not too much, cause that’s just creepy. 

Talking and listening works. Your conversation is a healthy balance of give and take. 

They make you laugh like no-one else and they’re there when you cry like no-one ever has. 

They watch you making the same mistakes, once, maybe twice, but the third time they definitely give you a massive slap right across the face and that feels good.   

You don’t have to talk every day or even every week, but when you do talk it feels like not a second has passed since the last time you talked.

You have irreplaceable memories with them and you can feed off the memories forever. However, you are also making new memories with them. Progress is important. 

They really tell you how it is, but you’re not offended or angry, you’re sad you disappointed them. 

You think they are a little bit crazy, they think you are a little bit crazy. You both like that. 

You like buying presents for them more than for yourself. 

You never fight over guys. That’s just crazy talk.

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