Sunday, 15 July 2012

300th Post!

OMGizzle I have made it to 300 posts. It's a special day and since I have always done some sort of summary list post for the milestones of 100th and 200th post, I thought why change a winning team. So today I present you with my very personal favourite posts list ever. Because I couldn't decide on the ten best, you get the 14 best ones. Wooooo. ENJOY!

Just gotta be on here! My first ever post and thoughts that sparked starting this blog (Excuse the terrible formatting back from 2009 – blogspot is obvs not the greatest, which I didn't know then....) 

Boys as Soup. What can I say, it's just a fucking classic! 

Pretty proud I got Karley from Slutever to guest blog for me!!! 

When I started interviewing boys about what they really thought. 

Sometimes I really go mental on this blog. It's good. An open letter to life

When I got pissed off that someone who wasn't honest thought I was too honest. Whatevs bro. 

Johnny Cash's To Do List is just a classic. 

DRAKE! Obvs. 

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